Politically incorrect costume ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A politically incorrect costume is one that would be considered offensive to people who strive to be politically correct. Politically incorrect costumes will make your friends laugh at your next Halloween party. They can be funny, raunchy and a lot of fun to put together. A politically incorrect costume definitely will help you stand out from the crowd.


Finding the right person to inspire your politically incorrect costume is the first step to take. As a general rule, base your costume around a person who is controversial, has skeletons in his closet, or is considered to be in some way curious or inflammatory.

Start by brainstorming some personalities. Think of celebrities, politicians or other public figures who may have died recently. Other people who might prove to be good inspiration are living politicians, dictators or people who have been indicted in a sex scandal. Consider dressing as a stereotype (i.e., redneck, pregnant teenager).

Assembling Your Costume

Assembling your costume is fairly simple with the help of various Internet resources. Find photographs of the person you plan to dress up as, and watch videos of them if possible. Note any trademark outfits (i.e., Monica Lewinsky's little blue dress), general physical appearance, and the way your inspiration speaks. If you can mimic the speech, your costume takes on a whole new dimension.

You may need simple clothes available at any mall or retail store, or you may need to visit a costume shop or buy costume pieces online. If you are purchasing online, give yourself at least four weeks to assemble your outfit, as shipping can sometimes be delayed.


Once you have assembled your costume, you need a place to wear it. During Halloween, there is no shortage of parties, hayrides, haunted houses and other festivities for you to attend. But during the rest of the year, you will likely have to host your own party. One fun idea is a "Too Soon" party. Each guest arrives dressed as a person from a tragic current event that has happened too recently to be funny. Some people cope with tragedy with humour, so such parties can be therapeutic after national tragedies or natural disasters. Too Soon party costumes include someone who was recently assassinated, attacked or traumatised in some way (remember, it's politically incorrect).

Another great party idea during election season is to tell your guests to dress up as their favourite Washington scandalmaker, past or present (i.e., Sally Hemings, Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinsky).

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