Magic Theme Birthday Party Ideas

Written by kat consador | 13/05/2017
Magic Theme Birthday Party Ideas
A magician's bag of tricks can help lend ideas for your magic theme birthday party.

A classic magic theme birthday party is a popular theme, especially for kids. The mystery of magic is a fascinating subject that will stimulate your guests' imaginations and get them into the mood for an unpredictable event. Learn to create magical moments with a festive extravaganza.

Fundamentals of Magic

The classic magic theme contains a few fundamental elements. Red and black are the colours of choice for a magical theme event. Choose black and red tablecloths, balloons, plates and cups. Rabbits are also another common motif, especially with magicians' famous rabbit in the hat trick. Place cutout rabbits on the wall or hang a rabbit pinata from the ceiling. The magician's top hat is also another iconic part of the magic theme. Use the top part as a table centrepiece. Playing cards and dice are typically included in a magician's bag of tricks, so hang large playing cards on walls and hang giant dice from the ceiling. Use gold stars in your centrepieces. Find magic-themed posters to line your walls. Find vintage art of Harry Houdini or an iconic poster of a magician.

Magical Atmosphere

One of the best decorations can be a magic show itself. Hire a magician to entertain your guests. If you can't have a musician, have the host dress up as a magician and show off a few easy card tricks. You can also constantly play a video of a magician on TV.

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