Fundraising raffle basket ideas

Updated July 19, 2017

Fund-raising raffle baskets lend themselves to a variety of fun ideas. Raffle baskets can follow the theme of your fundraiser or your organisation. Be thoughtful and creative when designing your basket and make it appealing so people will want to spend money on a raffle ticket.

Organization Theme

A raffle basket for a fundraiser can follow the theme of the organisation sponsoring the event. For example, if you are raising money for animal rescue, create a gift basket with a matching leash and collar, a certificate for a veterinary checkup or neutering, dog treats, dog toys and a dog dish. If you are raising money for early childhood education, make a basket with picture books, finger paint, a CD of children's music, small toys and a child's T-shirt with the school's logo on it.

Fundraiser Theme

Another idea for your raffle basket is one that follows the theme of your fundraiser. If you are having a car wash, make a basket with a chamois cloth, a gift token for a car wash, air freshener and a steering wheel cover. If your fundraiser is a fancy sit-down dinner party, have a picnic basket filled with linen napkins and napkin rings, candles, wine glasses, a wine opener and a gift token to a nearby gourmet store.

General Theme

Raffle gift baskets can follow any theme. For a sports basket, fill a basket with a baseball, baseball glove, baseball hat, baseball jersey and two or four tickets to a baseball game. To make a coffee basket, fill a basket with a couple of types of gourmet coffee, a travel coffee mug, a plunge-style coffee maker and a gift token to a local coffee shop. For a baby theme, fill a basket with burp cloths, onesies, baby bottles and diapers.

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