Fungal Nail Infection Home Treatment

Updated April 17, 2017

Nail fungus occurs when small organisms that thrive in dark, damp, moist places contaminate fingernails and toenails. The most common place fungus forms is under the toenails. Fungus finds its way under the nails through small cuts or the nails being cut too short. Once fungus gets under the nails, it begins to grow. As the fungus grows, nails become yellow, brittle and thick. There are remedies that you can use at home to combat embarrassing nail fungus.

Vicks Vapor Rub

Vicks Vapor Rub is not just for soothing coughs and congestion. The topical ointment can also be used to stop the growth of nail fungus. The key is to apply Vicks Vapor Rub two times a day to infected toenails. Wear cotton socks to keep the nails covered so that the ointment absorbs into the nails. When your toenails have grown out, cut them down to get rid of the old toenails. New nails will grow back in place of the fungus-ridden nails. Keep cutting the nails down every other week and continue using Vicks Vapor Rub twice daily until the new nail growing in is no longer yellow.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural oil and antiseptic that kills fungi. Before using this product, make sure your feet are clean and dried completely. Using a cotton ball, apply tea tree oil to the affected toenails once in the morning and again at night. Tea tree oil can also be applied to infected fingernails following the same steps. Every other week, trim or cut the infected nails down to get rid of the old nails infected with fungus. New nails will continue to grow back. In a month's time, you should begin to see a difference in the colour and texture of your nails. Nails that once were yellow, thick and brittle become thinner, stronger and white.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a cheap home remedy for curing nail fungus with no side effects. Apple cider vinegar can be used in a couple of ways to treat nail fungus. You can apply two drops of apple cider vinegar to the infected nails twice during the day, usually morning and at night. Apple cider vinegar can also be poured into a basin or bowl to soak nails for 20 minutes each day. Use this treatment for six months. Cut away the yellow, brittle nails every other week. Keep your feet and hands clean and dry when using apple cider vinegar. In six months, new nails should begin to grow healthier and whiter.

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