Stain removal on satin shoes

Updated February 21, 2017

Satin shoes are great for weddings or for ballet, but if you get them stained they can be a pain to deal with. While it is certainly recommended to take these shoes to the dry cleaners as fast as possible, if you need an at-home fix, there are a few things you can try.

Start with Selzer

Seltzer water has a reputation for being a huge help in the laundry, and for good reason. It's bubbly properties allow it to penetrate the most delicate fabrics without bunching or ruining them. To use seltzer water on your satin shoes, simply pour a small amount over the stained area and then rub gently with a q-tip or cotton ball in the direction of the fabric. It is very important not to go against the fabric as this can cause the stain to set.


If the seltzer water doesn't get rid of the stain adequately, then it is time to move on to stronger stuff. OxyClean is an oxidised cleaner that is particularly effective on delicates, including satins. Grab a wet cloth and then dip it into OxyClean powder. Then rub it on the stain and gently move the cloth with the fabric, the same way you did with the seltzer water. Then pat the area dry to see if your efforts have been successful.

Dryel Stain Remover

This final step is for only the most extreme stains and when dry cleaning is absolutely impossible. Purchase a refill kit of Dryel home dry cleaning mixture and then dip a small cloth in a small amount of the liquid. Then rub the shoes with the liquid, and immediately pat dry. Once finished, try putting the shoes in the dryer on low heat for a few minutes to help the Dryel further clean the shoes.

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