Plans for building a brick BBQ grill

Updated February 21, 2017

There are many attractive options for building a backyard barbecue grill, ranging from simple to complex. If you live in a foggy or rainy area, consider building a backyard shed with a roof so you can grill in inclement weather. If your yard is small, try a simple brick station with racks for grilling, and a side prep table.

Types of BBQ Grill Plans

With some bricks, cement, a level, barbecue racks and a large stone slab for the prep table, you can build a barbecue grill station that's the exact size of your grill racks. This project is small enough in scope to be completed in a day, and the materials are relatively inexpensive. The grill is designed to be exposed to the elements. Another simple barbecue grill plan is designed with two symmetric pillars with a length between them that will fit your outdoor gas barbecue grill. This is ideal if you've ever wanted more prep space for your backyard barbecue, or if you desire an attractive way to camouflage the grill. For ambitious home renovators, plans are available from Instructables that feature a portico roof and a built-in barbecue grill station with a sink and cupboards for storage. This style of backyard barbecue grill is a longer-term project, and should not be attempted by inexperienced home carpenters.


There are many factors you'll want to consider when deciding where to locate your outdoor grill station. Don't position the grill so close to your house that it's in the way when it isn't in use. Test the direction of the wind, and notice if it usually blows in a certain direction. Avoid setting the barbecue station somewhere where the smoke can blow inside the house, or in your eyes. Make sure there are no low-hanging trees, flowers or other objects that could be harmed by the grill's operation. Choose an area that is flat, and preferably, paved with pea stones, cement or other level surface. Spend time levelling the ground and laying bricks if you don't have an even grade. The height of your backyard barbecue grill is another important consideration. You don't want to be stooping to a station that's too low. Modify the plans to fit your body type.

To Learn More

There are many online resources for building barbecue grills. If you feel the scope of the project is too challenging, you can always hire a contractor or handyman for the project. Your local hardware store or Home Depot may provide free classes in woodworking or masonry, while a local community college or adult education centre will likely offer more intense, longer-term classes to keep your skills sharp. Don't let your inexperience keep you from building a beautiful backyard barbecue grill.

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