Homemade Dog Shampoo

Making a homemade dog shampoo is easy and relatively inexpensive.

Before bathing your dog, put a drop of mineral oil in his eyes to protect them from suds. Place cotton balls in his ears to keep water from getting inside. Bathe your dog in warm water and pour the water over him, using a cup or pitcher. Be careful not to get soap in his face or mouth.

Keep your dog warm and away from drafts until he is dry.

Be sure to put his collar and identification tags back on before allowing him to go out.

Shampoo Recipe

Mix together 1/3 cup glycerine, 1 cup dish detergent and 1 cup white vinegar with 1 quart of water. Store in an old shampoo bottle. This shampoo will help to smooth dry, itchy skin and can also be used as mild shampoo for dogs who must be bathed regularly.

Dry Shampoo Recipe

Mix together 1 box cornstarch, 1 1/2 cup corn meal and 10 drops of an essential oil. Sprinkle the mixture over your dog and brush or rub deeply into her fur. Let the shampoo sit for about five minutes and then brush it out. For dogs with dry skin, after the shampoo but before the final brushing, take a drop of olive oil and rub it into their fur.

Dry Bath

If your dog just needs freshening up and you don't have time for a "real" bath, there's an easy way to do a dry bath that will deodorise your pet. Simply sprinkle baking soda into his coat and brush thoroughly.

De-Skunking Shampoo

Mix 1 quart of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda and 1 tsp of liquid soap. Apply to the dog. Then rinse.

Double, triple or quadruple the recipe, depending upon the size of your dog. Be careful to keep it out of sensitive areas such as the eyes and ears.


Boil four cups of water. When the water starts to boil, add 2 tsp of rosemary--fresh or dried. Let the mixture seep for 10 minutes. Strain the rosemary from the water using a colander. Let the conditioner cool until it is lukewarm. Then, pour it into your dog's coat, working it in with your hands. Don't rinse.


A good rinse following any shampoo is a bit of apple cider vinegar, about a teaspoon for a medium-sized dog, mixed with a few cups of warm water.

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