Skin Care for Women Over 40

Updated November 21, 2016

Over the years, skin changes and that's an indisputable fact. There is nothing we can do about time but we can put up our best defence when it comes to the health and appearance of our skin. By the time you reach 40, if you haven't already been moisturising, wearing sunscreen and doing whatever you can to ward off the ravages of age, then it's time to start.


Most of the changes, and damage, to our skin is due to sun exposure, according to If you have been super-vigilant during your youth about wearing sunscreen, then you probably won't see the lines and wrinkles that will start to appear, around the age of 40, on those who were less vigilant. It's never too late to start. Get yourself a good moisturiser that contains ingredients that hydrate and moisturise the skin, which will reduce, to a certain degree, roughness, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles. Make sure that your moisturiser contains a sun protection factor (SPF) and use this product religiously.


Consider using Retinol (which is vitamin A). Essentially, you are topically applying vitamin A to your skin and this reportedly builds up collagen fibres, which give our skin a more firm appearance, and, in addition, contains good exfoliating properties.


Look for a skin care product that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs). These acids are said to improve skin tone and texture as well as smooth out surface wrinkles and fine lines. AHA will help open and clean pores. Our pores tend to get bigger as we age so we must make a concerted effort to keep them clean and free of debris to discourage enlargement.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered an antioxidant. It fights off free radicals, such as smoke and pollution. It can be applied topically and, in addition, you should make sure that your diet is rich in vitamin C. Eat properly and your skin will reap the benefits. vitamin C helps wounds heal quicker and promotes collagen production, which is what supports our skin and prevents it from sagging. When applied to your skin, it should help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin E

Use a skin product that contains vitamin E, an antioxidant. In addition, vitamin E can reduce inflammation and make your skin much softer and pliant.

Other Tricks of the Trade

According to, even if you wait until you turn 40 before you start a regular and skin treatment routine, you still have a chance of reversing some of the damage that has already been done and preventing further damage to the skin. However, skin products alone won't do the trick. You have to eat right, and make sure that your diet is not deficient in essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for your overall health, including your skin's health. Don't smoke. Limit your sun exposure. Exercise. You've heard it all before but that's because it works.

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