What to wear with skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are snug jeans that fit tightly along the entire length of the legs from the hips down to the ankles. Skinny jeans are popular denim apparel with girls and women of all ages and all body types. Look your best in skinny jeans by choosing the most flattering clothing and accessories to go with them.

Keep It Skinny

Because of the slim appearance of the skinny jeans along the legs, it is recommended that the clothing on the upper body also be somewhat form-fitting rather than baggy. A simple long- or short-sleeved cotton T-shirt is attractive with skinny jeans. If a jacket is worn, select a jacket that is tailored and fitted and not bulky. A vest over a shirt is also an option for skinny jeans.

Flowing Shirts

Other people prefer the look of a long and flowing blouse with skinny jeans. Blouses in a peasant style or with an empire waist that flow down below the waistline are a stylish look because they balance out the tight fit of the skinny jeans.

Under Dresses

Another popular option for skinny jeans is to layer the jeans under skirts or dresses. A flirty mini skirt or short, flouncy dress might be the perfect companion for form-fitting skinny jeans. Add a pair of high heels for a fun ensemble.

Dress Them Up

Generally, skinny jeans are considered more dressy than other jeans or trousers. When wearing skinny jeans, avoid sloppy T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. Choose dressier and more stylish blouses and shirts. Add a beaded or leather belt for a snazzy touch. Wear colourful and interesting pieces of jewellery to add even more personality to a skinny jeans outfit.

Shoes and Boots

Tennis shoes or athletic shoes are generally not an attractive choice for wearing with skinny jeans. Boots of various styles look stylish with skinny jeans. Boots that extend up to the knee and half-calf boots look great. Avoid ankle boots with skinny jeans.

Wearing either shoes or boots with high stiletto heels is an attractive and popular look. The high heels extend the lines of the skinny jeans and make legs look even longer and leaner.


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