Spice Rack Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Having a wide variety of spices on hand can enhance the flavour of your meals. A spice rack is an invaluable kitchen tool to keep your seasonings available and organised to help you on your quest to fabulous cooking.

Glass Jar Spice Rack Ideas

There are many different types of spice racks: countertop models, over-the-door types and spinning carousel turntables. But what if you want to make your own? Recycle old containers to store spices. Small glass baby food jars would work well. Wash them out after use, create colourful labels and tape them to the outsides of the jars. Use any small shelf you have to display the jars for easy use. Create a rainbow of colourful jars by storing a wide range of spices in other see-through jars. Old glass jelly jars would work well, too.

Plastic Container Spice Rack Ideas

Plastic containers are reusable. Collect similar-size containers, such as those used for butter or cheese spread, and reuse them to store spices. Instead of using shelves to store your spices, use a lazy susan spinning plate, available at discount and organisation stores. You'll be able to organise and stack the spices, and spin the tray just as you would with a fancy spinning carousel spice rack, but for a fraction of the cost.

Some Considerations

When you assemble your own spice rack, you'll have to make your own labels. Use a label maker, print out your labels using a computer program or use a calligraphy pen to give them a more personal touch. It's a good idea to add not only the name of the spice, but also the date you filled the container. Most spices start losing flavour after a year.


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