1950's Theme Party Idea

Updated April 17, 2017

A 1950s-themed party can be a great way to dress up and have a terrific time. Guests who were not even alive during these years can still enjoy the classic music, look and appeal of the decade. From vintage costumes to authentic malt shop cuisine, a well-planned '50s party can really rock.

Dress up

A 1950s party often centre on the classic sock hop theme with bobby soxers, rolled-up jeans and poodle skirts. Full skirts over crinoline slips were all the rage for the well-dressed 50s gal, while men wore letter sweaters or plain white T-shirts. For a twist, stage a "Cry-Baby" party that draws inspiration from the John Waters film. Instruct guests to come dressed in more of a 1950s Vargas girl or rockabilly style. Sources for authentic 1950s clothing include vintage clothing stores and web sites such as, as well as second-hand shops and garage sales. Costume suppliers usually offer a variety of 1950s clothing and accessories, as well.

Sights and Sounds

Commercially made decorations for a 1950s party are readily available from suppliers such as These items often feature records, jukeboxes, and other classic rock 'n' roll images. If you would rather make your own decorations, blow up images of vintage 1950s cars to hang on the walls. Dangle old 45 records from the ceiling with curling ribbon to reinforce a sock hop theme. Fuzzy dice make great party favours as well as decorations, as do inflatable guitars. These products are available on Use recordings of classic fifties rock 'n' roll songs to set the musical feel of the event.


Food at a 1950s party presents a great opportunity for deliciously creative ideas. While standard '50s sock hop fare such as hot dogs and root beer floats will work, why not focus on something a little more specific, like Elvis's favourite foods or authentic recipes from cookbooks published during the decade. A fried peanut butter and banana sandwich could be a big hit. Or prepare vintage '50s recipes such as "Twinkie Pie," "Cherry Coke Salad" or "Sputnik Tea."


Several games are naturals for the 1950s party. Limbo or hula hoop contests are real icebreakers. Trivia games that centre on the pop culture of the era are great conversation starters. Play "Name that Tune" '50s style using popular songs from the decade. Or stage a car hop relay with team members racing while they carry trays loaded down with soda pop, ice cream sundaes, french fries and other malt shop delicacies.

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