Homemade ninja turtle costume

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating a Ninja Turtles costume can be easy with a little creativity. If you need a quick, no-sew idea, there are a few options. If you have a bit more time and sewing skills, you can add more details. Remember that each turtle has a different colour mask and different weapon. Leonardo is blue with katanas, or long swords. Donatello is purple with a staff. Raphael is red with two sai, or hand swords. Michelangelo is orange with two nunchakus.

No-sew Method

To create a no-sew costume, think of ways to cover your body with as much green as possible. Green body paint is a possibility, although it could be quite messy if used over your whole body. Green stockings are an easy way to get green arms and legs. Use knee-high stockings on arms and regular stockings on legs. You can poke fingers through the stockings or cut the foot open, put your hand all the way through and use green gloves. Pair with short yellow shorts or a bikini bottom with a yellow tank top to achieve the look of a turtle body.

Use a fabric marker to draw shell lines onto the tank top. Cut eye holes in an scarf or a strip of fabric in the colour of your choice for the mask. Tie strips of matching fabric around your arms, waist and knees. Use green face paint to cover your neck and face. If you are short on time, you can stop here - everyone will be able to recognise you as a Ninja Turtle.

Sewing a Shell

An easy way to make a shell is to use a piece of sheet craft foam. Measure the person who will wear the costume from the top of his legs to his neck and from shoulder to shoulder; add 1 inch to both measurements. Use yellow fabric to create two matching oval shapes, with the length of the oval matching the height from neck to legs and width matching the shoulder measurements. Sew the right sides of the shapes together, leaving an opening on one end. Turn the newly created oval pocket right side out.

Place the oval over a piece of sheet foam and trace the shape. Cut out the traced oval and stuff it into the open hole, being careful to make it lay flat. Use a fabric marker to draw turtle shell lines on one side of the oval. Measure two pieces of elastic banding for the arm holders by holding a piece of elastic banding at the top of the shoulder and wrapping it over the front of the shoulder to the armpit. Add about an inch and cut.

Hold the oval against the person, shell design side out. Use a marker to place a dot where the top middle of each shoulder is and at the bottom crease of the armpit. Attach the elastic bands to the shell, placing one end on the upper dot and one end on the lower dot. These can be sewn in place or attached with an iron-on piece of Velcro. The turtle's weapons can be made using tin foil or by purchasing some simple toys.

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