Liquid Panacur dosage for dogs

Updated October 06, 2017

Panacur from Schering-Plough's Intervet division is a medicine used to treat animals with respiratory and digestive tract infestations from parasites. Fenbendazole is the active ingredient in Panacur. Intervet manufactures liquid Panacur in strengths to treat large and small animals. Pancur is effective in treating a wide range of parasites, including roundworms, hookworms, lungworms and tapeworms. It's also effective against giardia infestations in puppies. Panacur kills adult and immature parasites.

Dosage for puppies

Virtually all puppies suffer from roundworm infestations. They're either born with roundworms or get them by nursing infected mothers. Roundworms migrate from the blood through the lungs into the digestive tract. Puppies that aren't treated can develop pneumonia, become malnourished and fail to thrive.

If you're a breeder, the manufacturer recommends treating your puppies with liquid Panacur Small Animal 2.5 per cent (10 per cent for large puppies) at 2 and 5 weeks of age, with a third treatment before the puppies go to new homes. Treat puppies remaining with you at 8 and 12 weeks of age and those kept around other dogs long-term every six to eight weeks on a continuing basis.

If you've brought a new puppy home and it's not around other dogs, worming it every three to four months should be adequate. Administer Panacur liquid by mouth after your puppies have nursed. If they're weaned, mix the liquid in their food right before they eat. 2 ml (0.07 fl oz) per kg (2.2 lb) of weight. Give puppies weighing 255 to 510 g (9 to 18 oz) 0.5 ml (0.017 fl oz) per dose; puppies 510 to 998 g (18 oz to 2.2 lb), 1 ml; puppies 998 g to 1.5 kg (2.2 to 3.3 lb), 2 ml (0.07 fl oz); and puppies 1.5 to 2 kg (3.3 to 4.4 lb), 3 ml (0.1 fl oz). Puppies weighing 2 kg (4.4 lb) should get 4 ml (0.14 fl oz), and an additional 2 ml (0.1 fl oz) for every 998 g (2.2 lb) over that. Dose your puppies once daily for three consecutive days.

Dosage for adult dogs

Mix 4 ml (1.4 fl oz) of Panacur Small Animal 2.5 per cent liquid (10 per cent for a large breed) for every 9.98 kg (2.2 lb) of your adult dog's weight in his food before feeding or administer it by mouth after your pet has had a meal. Give only one dose.

Treat your dog whenever he's infested with parasites. Otherwise, if your pet has little exposure to other dogs, treat him every three to four months. If your pet is kennelled, dose him with Panacur every six to eight weeks.

Dosage for pregnant dogs

Use Panacur Small Animal 2.5 per cent (10 per cent for large breeds) to keep your pregnant bitch from passing roundworms to her litter either pre-delivery or through her milk. Start on the 40th day of her pregnancy and continue until two days after she delivers. That should be about 25 days.

Give her 1 ml (0.035 fl oz) of Panacur for every 9.98 kg (2.2 lb) of body weight. That's 4 ml (0.14 fl oz) if she's between 2 and 4 kg (4.4 and 8.8 lb); 8 ml (0.28 fl oz) if she's 4 to 8 kg (8.8 to 17.6 lb); and 16 ml (0.56 fl oz) if she's from 8 to 16 kg (17.6 to 35 lb). Mix the dose in her food right before she eats or administer it orally after she's eaten.

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