How to Make Dinosaur Sock Puppets

Updated February 21, 2017

Keeping young children entertained can often be easier said than done. One simple way to do this is to get them involved in arts and crafts. Create something that will keep them occupied even after craft time is over. One idea for a fun and easy arts and crafts project that can keep your children entertained for hours is a sock puppet. If you want to go beyond just sticking your hand in a sock, try creating puppets with a theme, such as dinosaurs, to keep kids engaged and happy.

Gather your materials. Choose socks based on their colours; generally, they will not be white, but if you or your child wants a white dinosaur, you can use those. Similarly, you will need red and black felt, but you can also choose another colour for details such as spikes. Google eyes, buttons, scissors, glue and felt are all available at arts and crafts stores.

Put the sock over your hand and adjust it so that the back of you hand is in the heel, and your fingers are in the toe area. Adjust your thumb so that it forms a crease in the sock between your thumb and fingers; this will be the dinosaur's mouth.

Cut out a triangular piece of red felt large enough to fit in the crease between the thumb and fingers. This will be for the dinosaur's mouth.

Cut two small circles from the black felt, no large than an inch across. These will be the dinosaur's nostrils.

Glue the mouth, nostrils and eyes (or buttons) into place on the dinosaur. Eyes can either go next to each other near the knuckles of your hand, or on either side of the puppet's head.

Place the sock puppet around a water glass to allow the glue to dry without interference. Cut out triangles from any colour of felt for the dinosaur's spikes. You should cut out two triangles for each spike; if you want the dinosaur to have three spikes, cut six equally sized triangles. Size will vary depending on the size of your sock.

Place the triangle tips together and spread their bases. Glue the bases onto the sock. You can also choose to glue the tips and sides together. The spread bases will make the spikes stand up.

Cut out and glue any other decorations with which you want to adorn your dinosaur. Allow all glue to dry before playing with the sock puppet.


It might help to have your child hold the sock on his hand while you cut out the appropriate pieces, so that you can see how large the areas of the mouth and back are.


When working with children, make sure that they are aware of the safety rules of using scissors, or do all of the cutting yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean sock
  • Glue
  • Red felt
  • Black felt
  • Spare felt
  • Scissors
  • Eyes or buttons
  • Markers
  • Glass
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