Bathing suits for women with stretch marks

Updated April 17, 2017

Every year, women face the summer season wondering how to find a swimsuit that will minimise or hide flaws. And one of those flaws that women of all ages and sizes may have to consider is stretch marks. Even teenagers aren't immune to the marks, as quick growth during puberty can cause the skin to stretch.

Stretch marks

Skin develops stretch marks after quick growth, such as pregnancy, weight gain or loss or even puberty. These marks, called striae, begin with a reddish or purplish colour before changing to a silver or white colour that makes skin look streaked. Stretch marks are common on the stomach, breasts, thighs and hips.

Covering stretch marks

Although a teeny bikini may be out if you want to cover up stretch marks, there are plenty of cute swimsuit options available that are more helpful in covering up.

One-piece suits cover the stomach and if they don't have high-cut sides, can also help cover any stretch marks on the hips.

Tankinis are another popular option. Tankinis provide a two-piece option but still cover the abdomen area. Tankinis can often be bought as a mix-and-match option as well so you have a choice as to how much bottom coverage you want. To help hide marks on the hips and thighs, consider boy-cut bottoms or board shorts. Boy shorts are an especially good choice for teen girls who have some stretch marks.

Skirted swimsuits, which used to be dismissed as unstylish or ugly, have caught up with the times. These suits are now designed for anyone who likes a skirted look and not just for those who want to hide flaws. As a result, skirted suits are in style and hide stretch marks on the stomach, hips and thighs.

Swimsuit cover-ups can be put over a suit while laying by the pool or walking along the beach. These cover-ups come in many designs, including pareos or sarongs, which serve as skirts, and are designed much like oversized T-shirts or short dresses.

Finally, if stretch marks on your upper arms must be covered, there are a lot of thin, light T-shirts that could be a cute option to wear over a swimsuit.

If you're expecting, maternity suits are designed to cover stretch marks in the stomach area. Many also come with skirts or an empire-dress design, which gives plenty of cover but are still in style.


Another possibility to help hide those stretch marks is to use a self-tanning product in combination with your swimsuit design. The product will even out your skin tone and help camouflage stretch marks in the process. As a bonus, self-tanners can last anywhere from several days to a couple of weeks, so you can get in and out of the water without worry.

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