How to Decorate a 50th Wedding Anniversary Cake

Updated June 02, 2017

The 50th wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to throw a party and celebrate half a century of marriage commitment. It wouldn't be an anniversary celebration without a cake though, so whether you're designing the cake for your own anniversary or making it for someone you know, follow these steps to design a 50th wedding anniversary cake with class. Fondant, a dough made of sugar, water and cornstarch, can be tinted with gold platinum dust, an edible colouring, and used as a covering for the cake to give it a smooth finish. Gold roses can be formed with fondant and applied to a tiered layer cake to give it a classy decoration. Finally, a gold-dyed icing can be used to write any necessary lettering on the cake, leaving you with a personalised cake that is sure to be remembered. While most the ingredients can be made at home, save for the gold platinum dust and piping tips, it is possible to purchase fondant, icing and pastry bags in your local supermarket.

Cover the cake pan in gold foil, which is available for purchase in most supermarkets. Lay the tiered cake on the gold foil-covered cake pan and set it aside.

Put on latex gloves. Roll the fondant into a ball and lightly dust with gold platinum dust. You can purchase the gold platinum dust from AJ Winbeckler Enterprises and the fondant from Wilton's (see Resources below for how much fondant to purchase).

Knead the fondant until the gold colour is evenly dispersed throughout the fondant, adding more if you'd like the gold to be more prominent. The fondant should have the lightest tinting of gold in the whole cake.

Scatter some cornstarch over a flat surface and roll the fondant out with the rolling pin until it is 1/4 inch thick and more than wide enough to cover the entire cake. Lift the underside of the fondant with your hands, loosening it from the surface you were rolling on and transfer it so it drapes over the cake.

Use the cake smoother to even out the top and sides of the fondant, making a smooth finish over and around the cake. Use a sharp knife to trim off the excess fondant.

Take the excess fondant and roll it back into a ball. Add more gold platinum dust, creating a more prominent golden hue. Roll out the fondant again, this time aiming for more of a rectangular shape.

Cut out strips, using your sharp knife, that are 1 inch high and 5 inches long. Cut as many as you can with the fondant you have left.

Dip your finger in water, and run it along the bottom edge of the fondant strip, lengthwise. Roll the fondant, starting at the left side of the strip, loosely and forming a cone shape, pinching the bottom of the cone, and letting the top form freely. When the whole ribbon has been rolled, it will create a rose shape.

Attach a small, circular piping tip to the piping bag. Take the white icing and mix it with gold platinum dust and a bit of yellow food colouring. Fill the piping bag with the icing and roll the bag down from the top until the bag is taut and icing is ready to come out of the piping tip.

Squeeze some icing onto a flower nail and carefully attach the base of the fondant flower to the flower nail. The icing will help the flower adhere to the nail. Insert the nail, with flower attached, into the cake.

Repeat steps 3 through 5 until all the fondant flowers have been applied to the cake. Leave some open space at the centre of the cake for writing.

On the open space in the middle of the cake, write a message for the couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. You can write "Congratulations," "Happy 50th Anniversary," or simply the name of the couple and the date they were married to commemorate the occasion.


If the cake is wider than 12 inches, cover it with buttercream icing before adding the fondant, to ensure it sticks and gives a smooth finish.

Things You'll Need

  • Fondant
  • Yellow food colouring
  • Pastry bag
  • Pastry piping tips
  • Gold platinum dust
  • Cornflour
  • Cake smoother (looks like an old-fashioned iron)
  • Latex gloves
  • Rolling pin
  • Round cake
  • Sharp knife
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