Modern Decorating Ideas for Porches

Updated February 21, 2017

The porch is an important part of your home. It is the first impression your home will make on guests, and as such, it should be decorated to impress. For many, this simply means adding a floral wreath to the door and perhaps a wicker porch swing. While these items are lovely, they do not necessarily signify a modern look. Your porch should match the style of your home, and if your home is modern, you will need to decorate your porch in a modern style as well.

The Door

Skip the floral wreath for the front of your door. Instead, consider hanging a large wreath made of bare branches. Alternately, forget the wreath entirely and hang a metal sculpture, such as a sunburst or other design. To keep the metal from scraping the door, glue or tape soft pieces of foam to any parts that touch the door. Place a mat in front of the door that has a modern design or look, such as a bamboo or sea grass mat.

The Light

Next, take a look at your porch light. It is simple to replace a light fixture. Choose one with a modern finish, such as rubbed bronze, chrome or stainless steel. Black fixtures also complement most modern homes. Almost all home and garden centres sell porch light fixtures in a variety of styles, including modern styles.


When choosing furniture for your porch, skip wicker, as wicker creates a country feel. Do not use wood furniture in a light tone, such as pine, or wood that is painted white, as these things also create a more cottage-style look. Instead, choose dark, sleek wood pieces with straight, simple lines, or metal pieces that are clean and airy. Skip floral cushions, and add black and white ones instead, or basic cushions in solid, bright colours. Instead of a table, try using a metal bench.


Choose unusual plants for your modern porch rather than traditional flowers. Use plants with a strong architectural shape to complement the modern lines. For example, a long, low trench filled with grass adds a bright touch to a modern porch table. Bamboo in a pot adds an upscale Asian feel. A topiary in an unusual shape is a live sculpture.

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