30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

Updated April 17, 2017

The 30th wedding anniversary is traditionally known as the pearl anniversary and is the modern diamond anniversary. Knowing this gives you a place to start when looking for the perfect 30th wedding anniversary gift for your parents. Even if you decide that you don't want to use the pearl or diamond themes when choosing a gift, there are plenty of other great gifts that you can get them to celebrate this accomplishment.


A strand of pearls would make a wonderful 30th wedding anniversary gift for your wife or even for your mother, but for both of your parents, well, it might make dad feel a little left out. Consider purchasing a mother-of-pearl gift for your parents if you would like to get them a pearl-inspired gift to help them celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Many beautiful items are made with mother-of-pearl such as vases and dishes.


Gifts that feature diamonds are pretty costly. You can, however, choose a gift that is similar to diamonds without breaking the bank. Crystal vases and bowls make a great alternative gift idea if you are looking to get your parents something symbolic of the modern 30th wedding anniversary gift. Crystal items reflect the light beautifully and they are classic, just like diamonds.


Over the course of their 30-year marriage, your parents most likely have made many friends, grown a family and may still have friends who attended their wedding. Gathering all of these people who have been there for your parents over the years together to help them celebrate their accomplishment is a great gift to give to your parents on their 30th wedding anniversary.


If you scrapbook your own memories, then scrapbooking your parents' memories as a 30th wedding anniversary gift is a wonderful idea. You can include pictures of their wedding, all their children, grandchildren, houses they have lived in and you may even be able to include love notes that they wrote each other over the years if they still have them. Putting all of these treasures in one location, mixed with beautiful scrapbook paper and accessories, is sure to let them know you care.

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