Fish Tank Display Ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Fish tanks can make a fabulous interior design display in your home or office. Your aquarium can reflect your personality, whether its eclectic, sophisticated or artistic. Leave behind the boring typical fish-tank ideas and turn yours into a much buzzed about conversation piece.


Before you spend money on your tank display, conduct some research on the fish you own or wish to buy. Certain fish need a lot of room to swim, so putting too many objects in your tank will interfere with their natural behaviours. Also, fish like dottybacks like to hide; therefore, you'll want to design their home with some hideouts. Also, think about how much maintenance you want to do on your tank. Gravel is a popular choice for tank owners, but it must be vacuumed to stay nitrate free. Some natural displays require extra maintenance. Corals and plants are beautiful, but unless you have done thorough research, do not try to keep them up.

Creative Displays

There are literally thousands of great displays to use, from the traditional scuba diver to scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean. What are some of your interests? Do you enjoy history? There are tons of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian displays. Kids love to incorporate their favourite character into their fish tank. Sponge Bob Square Pants and Nemo are great choices because they already live underwater. You can liven up underwater displays with skulls, treasure chests, fake sea creatures, dragons, and sunken ships. For an easy idea, buy a background to apply to the your tank. If your tank is against the wall, people will only be able to see the picture. A fish tank is a wonderful medium to be really creative and give your fish fun objects to swim around.

Natural Displays

A breathtaking fish tank is the perfect focal point for any room. Guests are drawn to fish, plants, and coral coexisting right in front of them. After proper research, draw out your tank on paper. Draw in each object you want to include. Driftwood, rocks, and seaweed transform your tank into an exotic landscape, but need their own space. Rocks and gravel come in a variety of colours as do aquarium lights. You'll be delighted by the way your tank contributes to the room's ambience. Planning is key to having a successful tank, but with some innovative ideas and thorough upkeep your tank will be the star of your home.

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