Casual Attire for Men in Weddings

Updated July 20, 2017

Appropriate wedding attire for men can vary depending on the time of day, the venue in which the wedding is held, and the overall formality of the occasion. The following article will discuss when casual attire is appropriate for men in weddings and give suggestions on types of clothing to wear.

When Casual is OK

Wedding experts at Stylish Wedding Ideas explain that there are three types of weddings: formal, semi-formal, and casual. A formal wedding generally means a traditional religious ceremony and is often celebrated during the evening. A semi-formal wedding can be held in a church or an outdoor area; semi-formal weddings are often celebrated in the morning or afternoon hours. Casual weddings are often similar to semi-formal weddings. They are small events that are celebrated on beaches or at a casual venue, such as at a friend or relative's home. If you are attending a formal wedding, casual attire is generally not accepted. Casual attire is acceptable at semi-formal and casual weddings, especially if they occur in the morning or afternoon. If you are attending a semi-formal wedding that occurs in the evening, you should wear more formal attire.

Semi-Formal Casual Attire

If you are attending a semi-formal wedding, you should avoid wearing jeans, shorts, T-shirts, or flip-flops. If the wedding occurs in the morning or afternoon, consider a belted pair of khaki slacks or nice linen trousers. Wear a long or short-sleeved collared shirt. If you are attending a semi-formal wedding that occurs in the evening, a jacket or tie should also be worn with a pair of dress shoes or loafers. If you are attending a casual wedding, khaki trousers are acceptable; you can also wear a nice pair of drawstring linen trousers, which are especially nice for a beach wedding. A casual collared shirt, such as a crisp button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up works nicely. You can also opt for a Hawaiian shirt if it is a beach wedding. A nice pair of deck shoes, loafers or conservative, closed-toe sandals (not flip-flops) are acceptable for casual weddings.

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