Grocery List for Low Carbs & Protein

Updated July 20, 2017

Diets low on carbohydrates but high on proteins have consistently been shown to encourage positive weight loss. Substituting protein for carbs will maintain muscle while helping you lose fat. Increasing your intake of whole proteins will also make you feel less hungry, so you are less tempted indulge in unhealthy snacks. Whole proteins come from animal products and contain each of nine essential amino acids. Vegetable proteins, such as those found in legumes, are incomplete, and must be supplemented by other incomplete proteins, which, as in the case of rice and other grains, often take the form of carbohydrates, to attain the full number of amino acids. To avoid carbs, it is important to seek out sources of whole proteins.


Eggs are a great option for a low-carb, high-protein breakfast. For an especially light meal, separate the whites from the yolks and put together an omelette or scrambled eggs with just the whites. For a healthy omelette filling, consider cheese or vegetables.

Meats and Fish

Low-fat poultry like chicken and turkey are recognised to be among the healthier meats. Turkey is particularly lean, and ground turkey often makes a healthier substitute for minced meat, as in the case of turkey burgers. It is also important to use healthy methods to prepare meats: for example, grilled chicken is better for you than chicken that has been fried in oil. Fish and seafood also tend to be lean, and canned tuna presents a quick and easy way to include low-carb, high protein fish in your diet. Pieces of chicken, turkey, or fish are easy to incorporate into salads with fresh vegetables. Pack them in a container and they make an easy, transportable lunch.


Cheese makes a good protein-filled snack. Bringing string cheese along to work or school is a particularly convenient way to incorporate cheese into your diet. Cottage cheese and Parmesan cheese are especially calcium-loaded and healthy. John Ratcliffe, author of "Low Carb Made Easy," lists the only cheeses to avoid on a low-carb diet as goat cheese and any cheese with fruit, nuts, or poppy seeds. To cut even more fat, you may wish to choose cheeses made with skimmed milk.

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