Christian Women's Breakfast Brunch Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Belonging to a religion offers more than a set of beliefs to follow: It often provides believers with a community of people with shared faith and values. Community breakfasts or brunches give groups, such as a community of Christian women, the opportunity to talk about happenings in the church, discuss religious topics and enjoy each other's company. There are many ideas that will make a Christian women's breakfast or brunch an enjoyable, enriching experience for all those who attend.


Make the breakfast or brunch space a warm environment that encourages friendly conversation with some decorations. Stick to simple table cloths in cheery colours, such as white, sunshine yellow or sage green. The classic look of white dishware contributes to the light look of the event, and its lack of distraction draws attention to the look of the food. Top off the table with the cosy glow of candles, from tealights to thick pillar candles. A cross or other religious symbol reminds guests of the reason they are gathered together.

Baked Goods

A breakfast or brunch hardly seems complete without a spread of delicious baked goods. A colourful platter of muffins and scones, from cranberry orange to blueberry to hearty honey bran, taste great on their own or when dunked in tea. Guests will enjoy picking from a variety of cream cheeses and spreads to lather on their bagels and rolls. Satisfy the guests' sweet tooth with a selection of pastries and danishes, too. With baked goods, it is easy to please a variety of tastes.

Brunch Dishes

Warm brunch dishes help sooth the soul and please the taste buds. A strata, frittata or other egg casserole can easily be adapted to suit the styles of different groups. For instance, create a meat-lover's casserole with sausage, bacon and a sprinkle of cheddar. Vegetable strata, however, can showcase fresh broccoli, red peppers, onion and some feta cheese. A baked french toast casserole will please those who love sweets. Be sure to include some maple syrup!


Round out the perfect Christian women's breakfast or brunch with a variety of beverages. Tea and coffee are simple yet traditional beverages to serve at a group gathering. Step it up a notch with other hot beverages, such as lattes, cappucinos and different flavoured hot chocolates. Set up a table with pitchers full of different fruit juices, for a refreshing drink that is full of vitamins. Other women may enjoy a glass of milk with their breakfast.

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