Things to write in a wedding card

Updated July 20, 2017

So you found the perfect wedding card, but you don't know what to say? Think about your relationship with the bride or groom. Express your wishes for them in a personal and meaningful way by expressing to them how you feel about marriage and love.

Best Wishes

Give your wishes to the couple by saying things like "May your marriage be full of love," "We wish you a lifetime of love together" or "May you have as many years of happy marriage as we have had."


Personal notes that share memories you have of the bride, the groom or of them as a couple are wonderful expressions for your card. For example, "I remember when you were a little girl trying on your mother's wedding gown," or "The first time I met Tom (the groom), I couldn't believe how perfect he was for you." These messages are sure to bring a smile.

Welcome to the Family

If the bride or groom is a new family member, be sure to add a welcome to the family. For example, "We are just so excited to have Rebecca (the bride) as our new cousin," or "We welcome Tom (the groom) to the family and are so happy to have another grandson." By welcoming the bride or groom, you will quickly make her or him feel like one of the family.

Attending or Not

If you are not able to attend the wedding, say a quick word of regret, such as "We are so sorry that we could not attend, but we were out of town for the weekend," or "We so wish we could have joined you for the wedding." For those who are attending, you can add, "We are so excited to join you on your wedding day."

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