Ideas for a hillbilly-themed event

Updated April 17, 2017

Theme parties are a great way to cut loose, dress up and embrace a culture that is different from your own. They are a break from the typical boring mix and mingle parties that everyone throws. If you want to throw a party that no one will soon forget, declare a theme and make sure that guests dress appropriately. Plan activities, food and drinks that fit the theme. A popular theme that can result in some spectacular costumes and embarrassing pictures is a "Hillbilly" themed party.

Costume Options

The most important part of any theme party is the dress code. A theme party should allow the partygoers to get creative and silly with their clothes. Encourage your guests to dress the part by enticing them with costume contests and great prizes. Some popular costume choices for a hillbilly themed party would consist of clothing that is stereotypical of how hillbillies dress in the movies and on television. Clothing options for men would include dirty ripped up overalls, cut off jean shorts, plaid flannel shirts, any kind of graphic T-shirt featuring a picture of country wildlife, like deer, wolves or game fish. Shoes are really of no concern because it is appropriate to go barefoot. Women can wear the same type of clothing as the men, but can spice it up with short Daisy Dukes or country style dresses.


Decor for a hillbilly themed party is easy and inexpensive. A backyard is a perfect setting. Set the ambience with haphazardly strung Christmas lights, a bonfire and bales of hay and old rusty lawn chairs for seating. If it's in the budget, purchase a new toilet bowl from a home store and fill it with ice and cans of beer. Plastic yard decorations, promotional beer posters and racing flags can all serve as decor

Food and Drinks

Planning a menu for a hillbilly party is fun an incredibly cheap. The basic idea is to think of anything that would never be served at a high-class elegant party. Brightly coloured snack chips served straight from the bag, cans of spray cheese and beef jerky are all appropriate choices. Buckets of fried chicken and various snack cakes that you can find at any petrol station convenience store are perfect. The drinks should be simple. Serve up mixed drinks in mason jars, calling them moonshine. Beer straight from the can is also popular.

Fun and Games

Plan some activities for your hillbilly party that will get the crowd in the mood for fun. Crown a king and queen of the party based on their costumes. Stage belching contests, pie eating contests and maybe even a lumberjacking event. Award the winners with appropriate prizes, like lottery tickets and copies of Jerry Springer episodes.

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