Flyer ideas for a cleaning business

Updated February 21, 2017

Advertising consumes a large percentage of the budget and a considerable segment of the creative talent in many businesses, but owners of cleaning businesses may be able to create and print flyers with only minimal hassle. With some creative ingenuity and a little advertising knowledge, these flyers can be generated with little time and cost.

Consider Using a Flyer Template

Advertising flyers are so popular that some companies actually offer templates to make effective advertising very simple. To use the templates, simply download the template file from the provider and fill in the blanks; the template will prompt for entries of prices, advertising text (known as ad copy) and contact information.

Offer a Low Advertised Price

To grab customers' attention, consider displaying the lowest possible--but legitimate--price for the cleaning service. If, for example, a basic cleaning is priced at £25 but a deluxe cleaning is valued at £57, list the £25 rate in large, bold type to grab a budget-conscious reader's attention. Keep in mind, of course, that this rate must be legitimate and it is poor business practice to exercise high-pressure sales tactics in an effort to get customers to upgrade to the more expensive cleaning service.

Detail the Cleaning Services Offered

Many potential cleaning service customers may be inclined to simply clean their homes or offices themselves. They may reconsider this inclination and elect to hire the advertised cleaning service, though, if the cleaning service appears to be exceptionally comprehensive. If the service cleans kitchens, consider using verbiage such as, "Cleans kitchen counters, wipes down appliances, cleans and sanitises sinks, cleans floors and tiles, polishes appliances and handles, cleans all glass and sanitises handle surfaces." The more comprehensive the cleaning service seems, the more likely the reader will be to hire the service.

Consider Hiring a Distribution Service

Creating a flyer for a cleaning service is only half the work; the flyers must be distributed to potential customers. To make this task as efficient and stress free as possible, some companies offer distribution services that disseminate the advertisements into a broad market at minimal cost. When hiring a service of this nature to advertise a cleaning business, consider hiring a service that offers GPS tracking to verify that the flyers have been distributed to the target customers.

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