What Are Some Good Walking Shoes?

Updated April 17, 2017

With the technology and knowledge about feet that we have today, walking shoes continue to get more advanced. The price of a quality shoe has also come down, so shoe buyers can select the shoe that not only fits well but also has some flair.

The Advanced Walking Shoe

Owning a good pair of walking shoes is essential to maintaining an effective walking routine, even if you have never experienced any foot problems, such as fallen arches, an ankle sprain, tendinitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome or plantar fasciitis.

Today, we have healthier feet because of new technologies and expanded knowledge about the anatomy of the foot, which continues to make the anatomy of the walking shoe more advanced. And now such a shoe can also be stylish, as well as competitively priced. A manufacturer's selection of sturdy shoe fabrics that are also waterproof allow the feet to breathe and give adequate flexibility and/or support where needed.

Top-Rated Shoes, a British-based website, recently posted its top five walking shoes. The shoes were selected based on value, performance and looks. Ranked highest was the Merrell Chameleon Wrap Slam Gore-Tex XCR Teak. The fabric lining, mesh upper and Tex XCR technology offer fast cooling and remove excess moisture from the feet. In the number two slot, Salomon Exit Peak in Dark Clay and Autobahn, are lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking and water resistant. Third, Brasher Diablo XCR Nut. The Vibram Planet sole unit provides exceptional grip and also includes Tex XCR technology. In fourth place is the Hi-Tec Auckland WP Brown and Yellow. This shoe includes waterproof protection, moisture-wicking lining and gripping outsole. In fifth is the New Balance MO1520GT. It is lightweight and hard wearing. It also sports the Tex XCR technology.

Shape Magazine, a fitness magazine based in the United States, recently named the New Balance 760 as the best overall walking shoe for women because of its shock-absorbing inserts under the heel and forefoot that help prevent fatigue. They also recognised the Reebok EasyTone for its outsoles with protruding air-filled pods that may give walkers more "burn" with their routine.

The Right Fit

An excellent walking shoe may be selected based on model, brand or the specific support features that they provide. For example, some shoes are even designed to correct over-pronating or side-to-side heel roll. Nonetheless, selecting the right size is critical to optimal comfort and performance.

You may have got painful blisters and calluses from wearing shoes that are too narrow or too wide for your feet. Not having enough room for your toes at the front of your shoes can also contribute to the growth of bunions and hammertoes. Some stores, such as Nordstrom, allow you to purchase two different sizes of shoes, for those of us with one foot longer than the other.

Feet come in all sizes, widths and arch types, and the more you know about your own feet, the better chance you will be able to find the right shoe for you.

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