70s themed party ideas for adults

Updated April 17, 2017

Disco, happy faces, bell-bottoms and platform shoes are but some of the items that may conjure up visions of the 1970s. A fun and festive '70s party requires a mix of music, clothes, food and decorations to really get that groovy vibe.


Start setting the 1970s mood by asking guests to come dressed in '70s clothes when you send out the party invitations. One idea is to have people come as their favourite '70s TV character. The Brady Bunch, Starsky and Hutch, the Love Boat, the Dukes of Hazzard and the Jeffersons are but some of the TV shows to offer inspiration. Be sure to sprinkle some '70s slang in your invitation, like "can you dig it," "foxy" and "out of sight!"

Setting the Mood

The '70s music possibilities are vast. Mix it up and include a lot of disco (Abba, Bee Gees, Kool and the Gang), a lot of funk (Parliament Funkadelic, Commodores and Rick James) and a little classic rock (Creedance Clearwater Revival and Pink Floyd). Do your best to surprise your friends with a couple of sleeper hits that aren't played much anymore. Decorate with '70s celebrity posters (Shaun Cassidy or Farrah Fawcett), movie memorabilia, lava lamps and kitsch toys like trolls or pet rocks.


Food can either be fancy (beef stroganoff, chicken Kiev, baked Alaska or fondue) or kitschy (mac and cheese, hamburger helper and Twinkies.) To drink, offer Dr. Pepper and Hawaiian Punch as soft drinks, and Harvey Wallbangers, daquiris and tequila sunrises if you are serving alcohol.

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