Hair relaxer alternatives

Chemical hair relaxers can give your kinky, curly hair the straightness you desire. However, with this benefit also come disadvantages. Chemical hair relaxers depend on a harsh chemical called sodium hydroxide to shift the hair cuticle from curly to straight. The risks of hair damage such as extreme breakage or hair loss increases with the use of a chemical relaxer. Therefore, opting for other alternatives to the chemical hair relaxer is a wiser choice.

Natural Relaxer

You can relax your hair without using chemicals by using a non-chemical hair relaxer. Non-chemical relaxers are made of only natural ingredients such as minerals, oils, alkaline water and proteins. Alkaline water helps soften the hair cuticles, producing a straighter appearance without damage. Your hair will not have to deal with the harsh effects of sodium hydroxide found in chemical relaxers. Make sure that a brand that claims to be a non-chemical relaxer does not contain any lye or chemical, in which case, the relaxer is chemical. Natural hair relaxers are so easy to use, you do not need to hire a stylist to apply the solution. Special maintenance of your hair will help prolong the results of the natural hair relaxer.


Another way to loosen your curly hair texture is to use a texturizer. A texturizer is similar to a hair relaxer in which it can be no-lye or lye. Lye texturizers require that only a professional apply the texturizer in order to prevent serious hair damage, such as hair loss. You can apply no-lye texturizers yourself, but extreme caution should be exercised. It is best to use a texturizer on unprocessed curly hair. Texturizers are left on the hair for only a very short period of time. If left on for too long, the texturizers can cause the hair to completely straighten, destroying the initial purpose of the application. Once the hair is texturised, proper maintenance should be utilised in order to balance the moisture and protein levels in the hair.


The most non-chemical way to have the straight look of a relaxer is to apply heat to the hair. If you have tight curly hair, you may opt to get your hair set on rollers once it has been washed and conditioned. In rollers, the hair dries under a heated dryer. Using a thermal protectant on the hair beforehand helps prevent heat damage. The tension of the rollers helps stretch the roots while the heat helps set the stretch. Next, the rollers are extracted from the hair and you can blow out the hair using a blow dryer. Maintain special attention to the roots and ends to prevent frizz. After blowing out the hair, you can choose to flat iron the hair to smooth out the final result. Of course, this is optional, because some people would rather not apply any more heat, for the risk of damage increases.

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