Detox foot soak recipe

Detox foot soaks are a beneficial way to clean out the toxins from the body. When you have a detox foot soak, you will be able to get rid of toxins and heavy metals that have accumulated in the body. The detoxification process returns the body to its natural healthy state, by releasing waste that has been built up in the body for many years. Take a different detox foot bath each day to achieve optimal results. Many foot detox soak recipes can be made at home, cheaply and easily with ingredients you have in your pantry or refrigerator.

Simple Concoctions

To make a simple foot soak bath, combine one cup of Epsom salts with two tablespoons of ginger in one cup of water, then add to the water in your foot soak. Make sure the water is not too hot. Soak your feet for about thirty minutes. This foot soak will open up pores, eliminate toxins and ease pain.

To counteract the effects of radiation from X-rays, or cancer radiation treatment, you can combine one cup of baking soda with one to two cups of coarse salts, Epsom salts or sea salts. Soak your feet in this mixture for about twenty minutes for a great detoxification.

Tea Detox

If you spend all day on your feet, make this great tea detox recipe to relax and soothe your feet after a long day. Combine one cup of Epsom salts with one unopened peppermint tea bag, and one unopened chamomile tea bag, placing all items in a basin of warm water. Soak your feet for thirty minutes. This is a wonderful detox, and also has the benefit of being a deodorant foot soak.

Honey Foot Bath

Make a honey foot bath using honey, liquid soap, vanilla extract and sweet almond oil. Take about 1 tablespoon each of the honey and liquid soap. Combine with one teaspoon of the vanilla extract, and two tablespoons of the sweet almond oil. Mix these ingredients together for your detox foot soak. Pour into your foot bath with enough warm water to cover. Let your feet soak for at least twenty minutes. Honey has many wonderful properties, including being an antibacterial, which helps to detox your feet. It also acts as an antioxidant, and is a wonderful, natural moisturiser.

Alternate between these foot detox soak recipes during the week, and see if you are feeling more spring in your step.

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