Small pond waterfall ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Since ponds are a popular addition to many lawns and gardens, it is only natural to want a waterfall. Waterfall ideas range from small to elaborate. Small ponds are capable of handling a waterfall, and the waterfall will add a new dimension to the pond. The sound of the trickling water will relax those that are enjoying the pond.


Waterfall ideas vary by the landscape, size of the pond and the type desired. It is important to consider the water volume of the pond and to purchase the correct size of pump to maintain correct water levels. The pump will determine the size of the waterfall that is correct for the pond. Another consideration is fish. The use of screens or smaller waterfalls will be necessary if fish are living in the pond to prevent them being trapped in the tubing.

Do It Yourself

Manmade waterfall ideas vary according to the kind of waterfall that is desirable. Large square-shaped rocks are stacked one on top of the other in a stair step design to create a multilevel waterfall. The water runs across the surface of the top rock and then spills over the edge to the next rock. This design can be two to four rocks high for a small pond.

Create a sloped waterfall by building the soil up from the pond in a wedge shape. At pond level, the waterfall will be slightly higher and continue upward until the top of the waterfall is approximately 5 to 7 feet high. Once again, the height and length of the waterfall are determined by pond and space size. Dig a furrow out of the middle of the slope and place a plastic liner in the furrow. Rocks added around the edges will hold the liner. When the pump is on, water will pump to the top of the waterfall and run down the furrow to spill back into the pond.

Small ponds will support a single flat rock that juts out over the pond a few inches. The water will run across the surface and back into the pond.

Waterfall Kits

Waterfall kits can be purchased at many home and garden centres. The kit will have a preformed liner that is rigid and easily installed to the pond. Synthetic rocks and statues are available on a smaller scale for small ponds as well.

There are different styles and water requirements for waterfall kits. Beginners will do well to start with a kit, as the kits have very detailed instructions to follow.

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