Mosaic Craft Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Mosaic is a classic art form that can beautifully transform a project from ordinary to extraordinary. You can use the art of mosaic to capture a timeless classic look for your home or garden, or to add a fresh spin to tired items around the house. Use these clever mosaic craft ideas for your next project.

Mosaic Crafts for the Home

Add a personal touch to your home with mosaic art using these practical and beautiful project ideas:

Create a mosaic tile design around a simple metal bathroom dustbin.

Use coloured paper to create mosaic art that you can frame.

Make a set of paper mosaic gift cards to have on hand for special occasions.

Use mosaic tiles on wood to create a lettered sign to place over a doorway in your home.

Repurpose broken dishes in bright colours to create a mosaic piece to hang on the wall or decorate a tabletop.

Enhance the look of boring end tables with a decorative mosaic topper.

Create mosaic tile trivets for use in the kitchen.

Cover a plain dinner tray with a mosaic sunrise design to serve breakfast in bed in style.

Make a mosaic tile soap dish to display bar soap.

Cover a lamp base in mosaic tile to give it a custom look.

Mosaic Crafts for the Garden

What garden would be complete without the whimsical colour work and design of a one-of-a-kind mosaic? Try these ideas for your next garden project:

Tile the outside of basic planters and pots in decorative mosaic patterns.

Use mosaic designs to create a garden path.

Use seashells to create mosaic disks or tiles to place around flower beds.

Create a mosaic design on the top of a garden bench or outdoor plant stand.

Things to Consider

Use a variety of different items to create mosaic patterns. Think outside the box. Consider using old pottery, broken dishes and even smooth stones or pieces of weathered beach glass. Mosaic can even be done with unpopped popcorn kernels, buttons or bottle caps.

Change your colour palette to shift the mood of your mosaic design. Create watery patterns using blues and greens, or look to warmer colours--such as reds and golds--to capture the feel of a sunset.

Let nature inspire you. Mimic floral patterns from your garden or highlight the fall colours of a mountain landscape.

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