Shower room design ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The bathroom can be one of the smallest rooms in the home, even though it is also the most used room. So when designing the bathroom, it can be challenging to maximise the existing space while taking into consideration the location of plumbing and electrical sockets. Designing a bathroom that accomplishes all of this while still being aesthetically pleasing adds an even greater level of difficulty. To save space, some designers are building tubless shower rooms instead of bathrooms. Fortunately, there are many ideas out there to help you accomplish all of this.

Free Up Space At the Sink

Instead of installing a space-gobbling counter, consider opening up your bathroom with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. Such fixtures open up the floor space in a small bathroom. If storage is still required, you may wish to select a small vanity, under which cosmetics, hair care products or linens may be tucked. An attractive vanity can be a starting point around which the decor of a shower room may be planned.

Go for Minimalist

An uncluttered design, one that emphasises space over decoration, can make a shower room feel very open. Select tile in a neutral colour such as grey or dark blue and complement it with natural lighting from skylights or recessed lighting with daylight-balanced light bulbs. A frameless shower enclosure will help to make the room seem more open as well.

Make Your Shower Room Zen

In Zen decor, the floor plan flows seamlessly from one area to the next. Zen relies on architecture more than decorative elements for design. Consider using partitions such as Shoji screens rather than more permanent walls or half walls to divide the bathroom. Make your toiletries less noticeable (and visually less cluttered) by transferring them into containers that are the same colour as your tile. Doing so will make these containers seem to vanish on your counter or in your shower.

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