Low Cost Startup Business Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Low-cost start-up business ideas can provide you with an opportunity to start working immediately. These ventures also help professionals make a profit by reducing the amount of promotion expenses needed to launch products or services. Start a business that you can grow using a steady stream of referrals.

Residential Cleaning Service

Offer to clean apartments, family homes and other living spaces in your town. You will need to maintain a reliable form of transportation and large stock of cleaning supplies to serve clients efficiently. Hospitality and organizational skills can help you quickly obtain clients for this household cleaning service. Some customers might use your cleaning service repeatedly, providing a constant source of revenue.

Computer Operations Trainer

Teach adults how to use computers by offering private training sessions that cover basic home office activities. Create a lesson plan that includes training for setting up computer hardware, using word processing software, surfing the internet, using e-mail programs and printing documents. Developing skills for different types of computers, including Macintosh and PC, can expand your customer base. You also can cater to specific demographics, such as senior citizens who are not computer savvy or stay-at-home parents who are trying to enter the workforce.

Marketing Copywriter

Provide copywriting services to individuals and companies that need assistance in marketing their brand to consumers. Marketing copy can be used in company brochures, websites, catalogues and advertisements. The material you are required to write will vary among clients but usually include product descriptions, company histories or discount announcements. Register for a college course on marketing or a business class that can help you identify effective sales methods to serve your clients efficiently. Set up a website that lists information about your copywriting services, including areas of expertise, project rates, recent clients and work samples. The website can be used to promote your business to potential clients in different areas of the country.

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