Care instructions for a bromeliad plant

Bromeliads are tropical plants that require very little care. These plants are a part of the pineapple family, come in a variety of colours and have spectaculart blooms. In the southern regions, where the temperatures stay above freezing, the bromeliad grows outdoors. It is a good houseplant in northern regions. However, its care differs from other houseplants if you want the bromeliad to thrive.


Bromeliads do not like direct sunlight. They will tolerate shade but do not thrive as well as when they are in a bright location. Choose a sunny location away from drafts or cold air. Bromeliads like warmer temperatures but should not be located near a furnace register. The air should be more humid than dry for these plants.


Water your bromeliad only once every week or two. The root system of this plant is small and does not absorb the nutrients from the soil but from the water. The plant is designed to gather water in its bracts, found in the central part of the plant. Pour the water directly into the well of the plant. Wait a few minutes,then tip the plant slightly to allow the excess water to drain off. Keep the soil slightly moist but never wet. Wet soil will cause the bromeliad to lose its colourful leaves and possibly die. You can also add humidity around the plant by misting it every other day.


After the bromeliad blooms, the mother plant will start producing "pups" around the bottom of the plant. These young plants will grow to be another bromeliad. The original plant will start to die as the younger plants are growing. These pups can be transplanted to another pot for growing.

Soil Requirements

Don't use standard potting soil for growing bromeliads. The soil must have good drainage, so a mixture of sandy soil is the best. An orchid potting mix is an excellent choice for planting bromeliads. When you pot the bromeliad always add a layer of pebbles or gravel at the bottom of the pot so the soil can drain.

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