Noah's Ark Crafts for Children

Updated November 22, 2016

One of the most rewarding stories to teach in Children's Church, Sunday School, or Preschool is the story of Noah's Ark. Craft projects reinforce the day's lesson and also serve as a conversation starter for the child and parents at home. Noah's Ark craft projects can help the child remember that an ark is a kind of boat, that Noah had two of each kind of animal, and that rainbows are a special promise from God.

Clay Boats and Soap Boats

Create a clay or playdough boat by using soft clay to make the base of the boat. Use construction paper to make a triangle "sail" for the boat. Cut a drinking straw in half and tape the sail to the straw. Stick the sail into the clay and allow to harden overnight and your child will have his very own Noah's Ark.

Make a boat that really floats by replacing the clay with a bar of ivory soap. Instead of construction paper, use vellum paper to make the sail. Attach the sail to a toothpick rather than a straw. The child can play with her Noah's Ark in the tub and get clean at the same time.

Noah's Animals

Buy bags of fuzzy balls (pom-poms) and some fabric glue. Use larger balls for the animals' bodies, medium-sized balls for the heads, and small balls for feet. Add pipe cleaners to make elephant trunks, tails, legs, and more. Remember to make two of each animal, as in the Noah's Ark story.

Cut a paper plate in half and cut out eye holes. Paint the plate the colour of the child's favourite animal and add details like stripes, ears, and whiskers with construction paper. Attach a string to each side and tie on the child's face to create an animal mask. A group of children can use the masks to re-enact the animals getting into the ark.

Arks and Rainbows from Paper Plates

Cut a paper plate in half. From the other half, cut out a rectangular shape and a triangle. Piece together (see photo) to create Noah's ark. The child can colour the ark on one side and draw Noah and his animals on the other.

Cut another paper plate in half and create a rainbow. Help the child paint or colour the colours in the correct order and talk about rainbows. Explain that God sent Noah a rainbow as a promise.


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