Fun Ways to Tell Family You're Pregnant

Updated May 10, 2017

Once you find out you're pregnant, you may be eager to announce your news to the world as soon as possible. But before you begin telling everyone, you may want to take some time to consider when and how you will break the momentous news.

When to Announce You're Pregnant

Some couples wait until a woman is through her first trimester to tell their friends and family about their impending parenthood. They prefer to wait so that they don't have to take back their announcement if something goes wrong in the first few months. Other couples, however, decide that they should let everyone know what is happening right away so that they can share their excitement and have support, no matter what happens.

Cook a Baby Dinner

One fun announcement idea is to cook your family a dinner where all of the foods are in "baby" form. This may include: baby carrots, baby back ribs and apple juice in toddler cups. See if your family members notice a theme. If they don't, bring it to their attention and wait for the look of dawning comprehension that spreads across their faces.

Capture Your Announcement

At a family gathering (such as a barbecue), you or your partner should ask the family to take a group picture. When everyone's ready for the snapshot, the one taking the picture should replace the exclamation "Everyone, say cheese!" with "Everyone, say Andrea's pregnant!" (Of course, if necessary, replace the name "Andrea" with the name of the pregnant woman.) You will have a lot of very surprised people and a priceless snapshot of their reactions to the news.

For an even more thorough capturing of the moment, use a camcorder. Casually say something like, "Say hi to the camera! Oh, and by the way, Andrea's pregnant," when you have a shot of many family members in the same room.

Give T-shirts Announcing Your Pregnancy

This option is particularly fun if the baby will be a first grandchild/niece/nephew. Gather everyone together for dinner and pass out gifted T-shirts with words like "Grandma," "Uncle" and "Cousin" on them. Watch everyone open up their shirts and realise what they mean. Have a camera ready for this one too.

Send an Announcement

Send an announcement in the mail to everyone you know and, if the pregnancy is far enough along, include a copy of a sonogram. If you want to make it cuter, send the announcement in a diaper and include a due date and personalised note from your future baby to each recipient.

Considerations Prior to Announcing Your Pregnancy

If your pregnancy is unexpected or potentially undesired by anyone in your family, keep in mind that you may want to tone down your announcement. It may not be pleasant to keep a photo full of upset faces in your album for years to come.

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