Home Remedies to Keep Rabbits Out of the Garden

Updated August 16, 2017

Although rabbits can make wonderful companions, they can do some serious damage to your garden. Rabbits love to nibble on fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce and strawberries. They also eat flowers and they can cause damage to fences. Fortunately, there are many easy and humane home remedies that will keep these animals away from your land without injuring your plants.

Ground Remedies

There are a few simple, traditional items that you can spread around your soil to repel the rabbit and not damage your garden. Some of the most commonly used are ground hot and black pepper, chilli powder, talcum powder, crushed limestone, wood ashes and blood meal. You can buy most of these components at grocery stores or hardware and garden centres.

Other effective ground remedies include scattering human and dog hair around your plants. Rabbits are very sensitive to smell and they will leave immediately out of fear. If you do not have a dog, perhaps a neighbour or relative can provide dog hair.

Build and install a 2-foot high fence around important areas of growth. Poultry wire is a good option because you want to keep the openings to your fence no larger than 2 inches. Also, make sure your barrier is securely fastened to the ground as rabbits are more likely to dig underneath any weak spots.

Plant Remedies

Plants are a natural deterrent to many pests, including rabbits. Generally, they do not like garlic, onions or marigolds, so by planting any of these near the most susceptible areas in your garden, you help combat the problem and enjoy additional flowers or ingredients in the kitchen. Likewise, rabbits don't eat vegetables including corn, squash and potatoes. Though these plants do not necessarily drive them away, they are of no interest to them and may be placed in areas around primary crops.

On the flip side, you can combat the problem from another angle. Rabbits love clover and plantain weed, therefore growing these items might keep them far away from your treasured vegetation.

Other Remedies

Alternative solutions may be used in conjunction with the listed ground and plant remedies to provide an all-around defence. You can set up fake dogs, snakes or owls around your land. These animals are natural predators to rabbits and effectively scare them away and keep them from coming back. Finally, a simple tactic is to strategically place empty glass soda bottles around with the tops poking up. You can secure these bottles in the ground by digging a small hole and inserting the bottle so that just the top 2 or 3 inches stick up. Rabbits fear the sound that the bottle tops make when the wind whistles through them.

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