16th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

As with any anniversary, a sixteenth wedding anniversary is a joyous occasion. Your gift to the couple should be a nod of appreciation for their years together. Your gift can reflect themes for the sixteenth anniversary. There is no traditional theme, but the modern theme is silver holloware, and gemstones associated with this year are aquamarine and peridot.

Peridot and Aquamarine

The gemstones associated with the sixteenth year are peridot and aquamarine. Peridot and aquamarine also hold symbolic meanings. Wishgiving's gemstone information page states, "[Periodot's] sparkling green stone is said to have powers of love, protection." It also states, "Ancient traditions say that wearing Aquamarine brings a happy marriage--bringing the woman joy and wealth."

If you are shopping for a sixteenth wedding anniversary gift for your wife, consider peridot or aquamarine jewelry. Depending on your wife's preferences, you can consider pendants with peridot or aquamarine stones, or delicate gemstone drop earrings. Most women love jewelry, and keep each piece that their husbands give them as a memory of a special occasion.

For your husband, peridot or aquamarine jewelry is still a possibility. He may not appreciate earrings, but he may enjoy a plain ring band with a peridot or aquamarine setting. You can also consider peridot or aquamarine cuff links.

Silver Holloware

According to Leah Ingram's "Gifts Anytime," the modern anniversary theme for the sixteenth year is silver holloware, or silverware serving dishes such as sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, teapots and soup tureens. Your wife may be aware of this, and may have dropped hints about the silver tea set that she has been eyeing. Even if she hasn't, a beautiful piece of silver holloware is a valuable addition in your home that she will appreciate.

If you are purchasing for a couple, a thoughtful gift might be a piece of vintage silver holloware, such as a candleholder or goblet. This would be a gift of heirloom quality that can be passed to their children. Vintage shops often carry silver hollowware.

Other Gift Ideas

If you do not like the idea of sticking to an anniversary theme, the couple might appreciate more creative gifts. A thoughtful idea is to create a scrapbook that documents their sixteen years together. Dedicate each page to each year that the couple has been together. Include important milestones such as their children's births, or moving into a new home. Include photographs of these events. You can also celebrate with a video montage. Gather pictures from each year (you can scan older photos into your computer), and create a montage from video editing software such as Adobe Premiere. Play the montage at their anniversary party.

Consider other ideas that the couple will appreciate. For example, if you know that your parents have always wanted to visit Prague, give them a trip they will never forget. Purchase an airline gift card so that they can choose the dates of travel. Giving a travel gift allows the couple to create memories of their own.

Another idea is to give a gift that will complement the couple's home. For example, give a figurine that they can display in their living room. Or, opt to be practical, and give them a gift that they will put to use, such as a barbecue grill or kitchen appliance.

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