Video transcription

Hi, my name is Tye Coe. I'm a celebrity hair, makeup and fashion stylist. Today, we're at BeSu Salon and Day Spa here in New York City, and I'm going to show you how to create a wedding hairstyle for short and curly hair. In creating a wedding hairstyle for short and curly hair you want to have some bobby pins as well as some shine serum and a little bit of curl cream. We're going to start with a little bit of styling cream and we're going to brush the hair over to one side and that one side we're going to create, start a twisting effect and secure it with a bobby pin and then crisscross with another bobby pin for support. We're going to part the front section and create a soft swoop bang, brushing some of the curls down. We're going to define the curls with a little styling cream. We're going to polish it out with a little bit of hairspray in the back. Continue to define your curls with the curl cream. It's just going to separate it and give it a more elegant look. Okay, we're going to finish off the polish with some more hairspray, just separating the curls and with short curly hair for weddings it's nice to add just a nice jewel. You can just incorporate it with a bobby pin, finish the style with hairspray to hold for the entire wedding day, and this is how you create a style for short and curly hair for a wedding.