Video transcription

Hi, my name is Bob Linde. I'm an herbalist and an herb grower. Today, we're going to talk about growing bamboo in water containers. And actually growing plants in containers whether it's in a small container standalone, or putting things into your water garden or to your pond can be such a joyous thing. They're very easy to take care of, require very little fertilizer or any kind of soil amendment, but it's important you choose the correct plant. Because so many plants are not well suited for growing into water containers or into ponds. So actually bamboo is a terrible choice to put into any kind of standalone water container or into a pond. It's actually related to the grasses and prefers well drained soil and actually doesn't like wet feet at all. But there's a number of different plants that look like bamboo and that will do wonderful in your garden. And one of them is called lucky bamboo that you can actually find in many different stores and it's oftentimes used inside of an office, doesn't require much light, so can be grown indoors or in full shade, and doesn't even require and soil. Usually we can just pack a little bit of rocks into a container, put a stem of our lucky bamboo in there, and go ahead and add some water. Then it will grow quite well and actually will oftentimes have to cut it back so that it doesn't become too leggy. But one of my favorites to grow is actually a plant called horsetail. Horsetail naturally grows inside of water containers or gardens so it's often found on the edge or ponds are inside of ponds throughout the United States and actually into Europe, and it will transplant very well and has a beautiful look to it and stands up to a variety of different conditions. It can grow in shade or sun, and actually, I grow mine in regular soil. I don't even have a pond where I grow my horsetail. So this horsetail is the same as the lucky bamboo, can be put into a pot and then put into your pond, or you could actually just put it in a water container with a few stones and just ensure that it has water in it. Any time you're working with a container garden though, make sure you don't end up with any mosquito larva or other little insects flying around in there. You may have to go ahead and change out your water on a regular basis, change your container if you start to get any ind of mold or fungus growing on there. So make sure that you don't use bamboos in water containers, but use something called lucky bamboo which has o relationship to bamboos, or something like horsetail which looks just like bamboo but actually is not a relative but a wonderful pond or water container plant. Bob Linde talking to you about growing bamboo in water containers. Please enjoy your herbs.