Video transcription

Hi, I'm Susanne, owner of Souly Yoga in Palm Harbor, Florida. And today, let's explore some Yoga poses to flatten the stomach. So, I'm going to illustrate extended side angle pose. Now, you're probably saying, that doesn't sound like an abdominal exercise. But what you have to remember, is that your stomach, your core, is more than just the Rectus Adominis. It's also all the wrap around muscles, including the obliques that connect your belly to your back. So, to come into extended side angle, we would start into Dasana, mountain pose. Step your left foot forward, and ground your back leg, just like in a warrior one pose. Now, we're going to come and turn the hips like warrior two, and bring your left elbow to your left knee. And at this point, you're really lengthening the side wall of your abdomen. And then, reach your top arm to the sky, lifting it right out of your shoulder. And you breathe and you hold this pose, and you draw your belly in. And what you're doing, is you're toning and you're strengthening your side wall. Which is going to also give the appearance of a flatter stomach. Next, I'm going to move onto my back, into bound angle. So now, I'm going to come onto my back, soles of my feet together, knees part, bound angle pose. And just breathe here, a couple seconds, just activating your pelvis, dropping your naval towards your spine, connecting. And bring your hands behind your head, elbows wide. Now, if you're a very new, new beginner to Yoga, you would keep your feet on the floor. If you're a little more advanced, you might want to lift your feet two inches off the floor. This definitely ups the anti on the crunches. And you lift your chin to the sky, as you crunch, for one, two, three, four, five, six, breathing in, as you come up. As you bring your shoulder blades off the floor, you draw your belly in towards your spine. And I would work up to fifty reps, fifty reps is a really great number to shoot for. So, you just begin where you are, and you just keep adding on. So, those two Yoga poses target all the abdominal muscles. Contact me at for more information, Namaste.