Video transcription

Hi, I'm Robert with A-1 Carpet Man in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm going to show you how you pull up carpet off of hardwood floors. So, you take your pair of pliers in the corner and you grab it from the corner and you pull it back out. Now there's probably going to be some staples in your pad so you probably want to take your scraper and remove all the pad staples. That way you can pull your pad out and expose your hardwood floor. After you get the pad exposed and the hardwood floor showing there, you want to take your tack strip out. So you take a little tool, it's just a little pry bar and you pull the tack strip up. Then after the tack strip and everything is out you can probably sand your hardwood floor down and then refinish it. I'm Robert, and I just showed you how you pull up carpet off of hardwood floor.