Video transcription

Hi, I'm Rose Keppler Moridian of Delicious Gardens, and I would like to give you tips on planting a garden. Tip number one is always plant your tallest plants in the back. In this case we have an indeterminate tomato that will get to be six to eight feet talk. We want to make sure we plant this in full sun way in the back. You plant tomatoes very deep so they have a strong root system, cover and make a basin. Then we get our next tallest plants which in this case would be an Alma Paprika. This gets to be about two feet tall. I'm going to plant this a little off to the side. Always make sure to keep your tags too, very important tip. I have another pepper here. This is a Golden Bell Pepper. I'm going to plant this a little off to the side of the tomato, make a little basin. Very important to keep the water basins around the sides. Then I've got some herbs. I have Cilantro here, Basil is another possibility. Cilantro actually gets to be quite tall, 36 inches tall so it goes towards the back and then for the very front we leave room for our lettuces which are small. I don't have a tag for this but I know that this is a Black Seeded Simpson and wallah, we have a tall plant in the back which needs a tomato cage still. We have our intermediate plants, medium size plants which are between two and three feet tall on the sides and then we have our shorter plants like lettuces in the front. Always try to get your water into the basin, not on the leaves but in the basin of the plant especially peppers and tomatoes. My name is Rose Keppler Moridian, and this has been tips for vegetable gardening. Thank you.