Video transcription

I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, and today I'm going to show you how to properly install a chair rail going up a stairway. For this job, you're going to need a couple tools. You're going to need a tape measure, a pencil or pen and I'm using a Brad nailer but you can use a trim nailer or trim nails and a hammer and of course, your chair rail. The first thing you're going to do is take your tape measure and your pencil. Most chair rail run about 32 inches high so you're going to take and measure from the end of the step straight up to 32 inches and you're going to put just a little mark there. Just put a little mark right at 32 inches. Now, you're going to do that at both ends of the length of your chair rail. That way you're sure to get a nice even flow with the steps. Take your chair rail and you want both ends to be on your mark to make sure that you're going at the same angle for every one. Take a Brad nailer and put one right on that side. This will hold it in place while you adjust the bottom. Now that we have it the same length from the bottom of the board to the top of the board, we're going to nail it all off. If you can, try to hit your studs. When you're running it, make sure that your lines are either both on the bottom or both on the top so that way you don't get one on the bottom and this one on the top and it will look kind of funny when you try to join the other one into it. When you're running one up, make sure that you butt the next one right up against this whether you cut a miter or a straight, either one works. Run it straight up, butt it up here and then at the end of the board you want to measure the 32 inches up from the outside of the step. This way you have a nice even flow all the way up. I'm Joshua Clement with Lighty Contractors, and that is how you properly install a chair rail going up a stairway.