Video transcription

I'm Andrew Denny with Textures Flooring. Today, we will explain how to repair a bubble in your vinyl flooring. Joining me to demonstrate this is Michael Machen. Get a good, sharp blade, and cut an "X" in the bubble. The "X" should be about an inch to two inches long. Pull the "X" back, so you can get some adhesive into the space. Use a vinyl flooring adhesive, and apply to the "X" flaps. Apply enough adhesive so that it'll condense over a greater area. Next, what you'll want to do is apply some heat to make the vinyl more pliable. You can do this using a heat gun, or a hair dryer. Remove the excess glue, reheat, and use a roller to smooth. Clean the area. Use a damp rag to clean. Reheat it, reheat the area. And, apply a smooth, flat surface, such as a board. Let this set up for approximately one hour, and apply seam sealer to the original "X". Any vinyl seam sealer will be fine. Allow the seam sealer to dry before traffic is back on the floor, and your repair is complete. I'm Andrew Denny with Textures Flooring. For more information, please visit And, special thanks to Michael Machen.