Video transcription

Hi, my name is Luis Sanchez. I am the food and beverage director here at Nic's Martini Bar in Beverly Hills, and today I want to show you how to make a great peach martini. We're going to start with our mixing cup. We're going to add two ounces of our favorite vodka. If there is a peach vodka you like that you have tried before, please use it. I'm just using a neutral regular vodka. Two ounces of that. We're going to add one ounce of beach liquor. It's really readily available anywhere here. One ounce of peach nectar. And we're going to squeeze a little touch of lime in there. The lime just cuts down the sweetness of the peach. And the peach liquer. Going to ice up and we're going to shake. This is a perfect, perfect summer martini. Let me get a chilled glass for you. Nice chilled glass. All that is left is to pour. And enjoy. Garnish it with a lime wheel. That is it, guys. My name is Luis Sanchez, and this is how you make a perfect peach martini.