Video transcription

Hello, I'm Tyler, with Appliance Service by Paul located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are going to walk through the steps of how to replace a belt on a dryer. Okay, we are going to go ahead and give you a closeup view of how your belt goes around your either pulley and your motor once your drum's in place. You are going to take the belt and wrap the whole thing around this either pulley. It's then going to pull you're going to have to stretch the either pulley. It is on a spring so it can stretch up. It's going pull and wrap around the motor just like so. And then the either pulley is going to pull this tight around the drum just like that. Okay, in order to put the belt back on the dryer drum just wrap the belt around the drum itself. A good hint to go off of on top is there will be belt marks on the drum. So, you can line the belt up along those belt marks. Make sure the belt doesn't twist. Take the belt you are going to wrap it around the either pulley and onto the motor shaft. And I like to reach one arm through here to grab onto the either pulley and pull it. One arm through here to grab the belt and wrap it around where I need to. And it's always a good key to take and just you know give the drum a little rotation. Make sure that that belt's going to stay on. Again, this is Tyler with Appliance Service by Paul. We've just walked through how to replace a belt on a dryer.