Video transcription

Hi, I'm Erin Boyle with Compassionate Pet Solutions. I'm going to talk about how to wrap a cat in a towel. The first thing you want, is you want to get a big towel, one that's big enough to wrap all the way around the cat even once or twice, just because you want to make sure all their paws are contained. You also want to use a thick towel. It's important the towel be thick, because if you use a thin one, their claws can actually slice you right through the towel. So, you want to use a large, thick towel. And basically, you start by just placing the towel over the cat. You want to get it all the way up by their neck. And, you take one side, and you just wrap around, make sure you get little paws in there. And then, you take the other side, and wrap around. And then, if you need to do anything like medications, or any eye medications, you can do it without them coming up and scratching you with those front feet. You could also look at their mouth, you can shove medications down their throat if you need to do something like that. If you need to position your cat, you can lay him on the side, and since their feet are nicely wrapped in the towel, they can't kick or struggle nearly as well. This is a good example of how you would want to restrain them if you're doing something like looking at an injured paw, because you can actually sneak in here, and get one of the paws out while still keeping the other paws safely secured.