Video transcription

Hello, I'm Brooks Tucker, and I'm with Bella-Tucker, and today I'm going to show you how to do shabby chic to a stool. First, you'll need to remove the bottom and I'll probably be recovering this and make sure everything is kind of clean, dust it off. I should have dusted it off earlier but first you've got to start out with a primer. You can paint it on but I got the spray kind which would be quicker and easier, so, but you can get any kind of primer that will, you know, stick to this wood and give it a good too so that the paint will stay on it. So, I'm going to do like a loose coverage of it so it will show some of the wood probably, woo, there it is. And hopefully it will dry quick out here. I need to paint my deck. So it's just like a loose coverage, I mean if you have bare spots don't worry about them because it will be covered up with the chalk paint that you use to give it that shabby chic look. That looks like some good coverage, so just, I mean, just go and have fun with it, just, I mean it can drip and stuff like that because that's going to be part of the character of it and I think that's good. Well hello again this is Brooks Tucker with Bella-Tucker and I am here of day two of shabby chic. First get your good old chip brush. You might want to pull just to make sure you get the loose hairs out. I always do that, so, because hairs and paint ain't fun to get out of, so take your chip brush. You just sparsely start just throwing the paint on there. This is a chalk paint which I'll put like a wax over after this dries and then I'll sand it and give it some texture and but it's just throwing it on there. You don't have to be perfect because shabby chic is not a perfect art. You can throw it in this direction because you're going to be sanding most of it anyway, so, and then I might put like a stain over it. I'd like a stain to give it some more depth. You can use like a wood stain or you can use a glaze. I like to use like the wood stains because they have like a polyurethane in it and it kind of seals it and prevents it from getting scratched up and stuff like that. So, if you need any more information about painting shabby chic you can contact us at and thanks a lot.