Video transcription

I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing, here to show you how to change a shower faucet. Now on a shower faucet, changing a shower faucet, first thing is find out where the leak's coming from. If your shower head or tub spout is just dripping you can repair it or replace the inner workings. First thing you want to do is remove the shower handle. This particular one has an Allen wrench set screw that holds the handle on. Then you're going to have a sketchen which is the chrome sleeve. And then a lock nut. Now this one has a small lock nut, and we'll remove this lock nut. This is actually what holds the cartridge in. Now before you remove that lock nut, hopefully you've got the water turned off. The cartridge itself will pull out. Sometimes they can be a little stubborn. Just give them a little bit of a pull, and that part there is what needs to be replaced. Now if you've got larger problems, if the faucet or the body is leaking behind the wall, or if you've already had it repaired and it just doesn't seem to fix your problem; this valve body here needs to be replaced. You've got the hot and cold water coming in, a leg that drops down to the tub spout, and one up to the shower head. This has to be accessed from the back side. Or, from the front side if you're willing to remove the tile or the face of the shower to get to that. You may want to invest in a plumber or a professional to give you hand with that portion. And again, I'm Terry with Towers Murray Plumbing and we've showed you how to change a shower faucet.